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What is SITER Talent Pool?

Talent Pool is SITER’s Alumni database and a digital hiring network that links potential Employers and the Job Seekers from the Alumni database. IT organizations will use the SITER Talent Pool to hire qualified applicants straight from the SITER Alumni database without the assistance of a recruiting agent.

With the Talent Pool, SITER Brings Organizations and Students Together.


Pool Features

Our pool has the talents with high-demand Skill Sets:

Criteria to Join

(1) You must turn 18 years old.
(2) You must register and successfully complete one of our Certifications with a minimum score of 50 out of 100. The programs provided in this LINK are eligible to join the Talent Pool.
(3) A project portfolio and a personal testimonial about yourself in text-video format.

SITER Talent Pool

Alumni Zone

One of the aspects of the Talent Pool is the Alumni Zone. This section includes post-program career guidance, self-branding, and alumni database maintenance. Talen Pool, which is separated into four categories, serves as the talent source in this instance. The way that tech talents in our pool are seen and recruited is greatly influenced by these categories.

SITER Certified Developer

Talent Categories

  • Experienced Engineers

  • Beginner Level Engineers

  • Student to Professional

  • Career Change Professional

From the Alumni Zone, we facilitate all the needful things for our experienced and junior level engineers to showcase their skill sets. SITER graduates work as .NET Developers, Frontend Developers, Fullstack Software Developers, Cloud Engineers, Data Engineers and even as University Lecturers. Together with SITER, it is also feasible to create a video podcast that will help our Alumni to connect with employers, reach target audience, and build network.

Very Recent


Employer Zone

This is the Zone where SITER helps organizations to provide the 'Tech Talents' from the SITER Talent Pool. Organizations save time, money, and effort during the entire recruitment process in addition to selecting the best candidate from the pool.

employer zone

How does Employer Zone help Organizations?

(1) When the job description matches, find the best candidate who is an expert in Microsoft Azure technology, Backend technology, or Frontend technology.
(2) Validate the candidate's knowledge and expertise through the Project Portfolio and interact with them via SITER-facilitated video conferencing.
(3) Support from SITER’s team for all the stages of recruitment and thereby save time and resources.
(4) FREE Interview venue provided by SITER (Physical Venues: Bergen (Norway) or Berlin (Germany)) - Conditions Apply.
(5) Save huge advertising costs and third-party recruitment expenses.

What We Promise?

Our graduates are capable of
(1) Developing industry-standard projects which are scalable and maintainable.
(2) Working in a collaborative manner and expertise in Git, CI/CD Pipeline.
(3) Obtaining Agile development approach and best design principles.
(4) Adopting new systems and independent learning.

We use a variety of assignments and assessments to train and prepare them.

Are you looking for competent Tech Talent for your team? Get it from our pool of talents.

  • Flexible

  • Goal Oriented

  • Most Valuable

  • Trusted

Gains from Collaboration

  • Talent Pool Pipeline

  • Talent Alert

  • Employer Branding

  • Hiring

  • Industry DB

  • Industry Curriculum

  • Meetup

  • Skill Dashboard

B2B collaboration allows employers to select candidates from the Talent Pool

Hiring Zone

In this Zone, organizations can hire graduates for FREE from the Talent Pool. SITER Talent Pool helps organizations make a perfect match with the students as per the job description and requirements.

Recruit without a recruiting agent

How does it work?

It mainly goes through four stages

  • (1) Requirement

  • (2) Search

  • (3) Impression

  • (4) Selection

Talent Pool Hiring Standards

These are the standards set by the SITER.

• Overall Course Work and Performance Score.
• Student’s Project Score.
• Relevance and Uniqueness of the Project.
• Collaborative Development Skills.
• Independent Learning Skill.
• Final Project Presentation Score
• Capability to Adopt the Reviewer Feedback and Refactoring Skill.
• Communication Skill in English
• Basic Knowledge of Norwegian or German.
• Self-Branding and Project Portfolio.

The hiring company may have extra requirements in addition to the ones listed above.

Talk to the Program Manager for Hiring from Pool

e-Map Integration

This section is exclusively applicable for the candidates those who join for the 3-months Full Stack Cloud Engineer Certification Program. To know more about e-Map, visit this Link

Emap with siter talent pool

Why e-Map in Talent Pool?

Mainly to find the tech talents and workforce from East Asian countries including India and Philippines to Europe.

Highlights of E-Map Free Consultation

  • Certificate Attestation

  • Visa Consultation and Guidance

  • Skilled Work Visa Consultation

  • Job Seeker Visa Consultation

  • Digital Nomad Consultation

  • Business Owner Consultation