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European Migration Assistance Program

The European Migration Assistance Program is abbreviated as e-Map. This program is mainly designed to support our graduates and alumni to help them to secure an IT Job or self-employment in the selected European destinations. Our primary focus is on Schengen nations, particularly Germany, Norway, Portugal, and Estonia. Due to various reasons, migration and settlement in Europe is not easy for everyone. Here’s the importance of e-Map to help our alumni to migrate and secure an IT job with good pay.

A number of initiatives in Europe, particularly in Germany, aim to draw the talented skilled workers from developing nations such as India. E-Map and its services are closely associated with such programs.

How SITER’s e-Map Support for Migration?

This is a fantastic chance to relocate to Europe independently without depending on agencies like Job consultancy, Re-location agent and Travel agent. To make it feasible, you must attend SITER's intense training, be skillful, and adhere to the one-on-one support from e-Map.

You need to enroll for the three-month certification course in order to be eligible for eMap. Your skills will be verified throughout the certification program, and upon successful completion of the course, you will receive certification. Your resume will have a good chance of being selected for a job interview in Europe if you have successfully completed the program. As a result, even for applicants from outside the Schengen area and European Union, there is a good probability of being selected under the skilled worker visa.


How it Works?

e-Map is a service offered to Full Stack Cloud Engineer Certification candidates. By default, the candidates will mostly go through the following procedures.

SITER provides the pre-recorded webinar as the orientation program. The main intention of this program is to give awareness about countries specified above, its opportunities, job, and visa requirements. Once the candidate is familiar with the orientation program, the first 1-to-1 meeting will be scheduled to determine which country the interested candidate would be interested in moving to. In the upcoming meetings, SITER will also recommend the better options as per the candidate’s current background and skill set. All the meetings will be documented for further reference to assist the candidate.

Some of the e-Map services are:

emap timeline
SITER Talent Pool


By default, e-Map is connected with SITER Talent Tool. All the candidates in e-Map will get services from SITER Talent Pool.

Highlights of SITER Talent Pool

  • Persist CV

  • Hiring to Europe

  • Talent Alert

  • Skill Dashboard

  • Project Portfolio

  • Meetup

Visit this Link for more details about the Talent Pool.

norway skilled worker visa services

Criteria to join e-Map?

(1) You must turn 22 years old.
(2) Successful completion of Full Stack Cloud Engineer Certification program with a score of 50 out of 100.
(3) Project Portfolio.
Click Here for sample.

Advantages of Immigration via eMap

(1) Family Immigration (with spouse and children).
(2) Permanent Residency and Citizenship.
(3) Retirement Pension
(4) Cash Benefits, Free Education & Medical.
(5) Spouse can legally work.
(6) Gender equality, safety, flat hierarchy, work-life balance and high standard of living.
(7) Visa Free Travel to 27 Schengen European countries. Visa-on-Arrival facility to most of the countries in the world.

While migrating from your home country, relocation expenses are mostly handled by the Employer, which includes FREE Air Tickets, Extra Baggage Allowance, Airport Transfers and Accommodation for a few days. You must have a valid offer letter for getting these benefits.

Norway Skilled Worker Visa

To immigrate to Norway, you need to have a valid job offer from a company in Norway with a satisfactory salary package or have your own business. You must have the qualifications that the job requires. SITER’s specially designed certification program will prepare you to meet the requirements and qualifications.

norway permanent residency in 3 years and citizenship in 6 years

This section is for you if Norway is your country of choice. In addition to the criteria required to join e-Map, you must satisfy the following additional requirements to prepare for Norway.

• You must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline.
• You must have atleast 4 years of work experience while join SITER.

Note: If you are a person with less than 4 years of experience, then we recommend you Germany.

Average Annual Salary of a Software Developer in Norway: 98,000 USD

  • Work in the World's Happiest Country

  • Enjoy Great Social Security Benefits

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany has a variety of visa options compared to Norway. You can apply for the Skilled Worker Visa or Job Seeker Visa based on your current qualification, skills and experience. We will help you to select the ideal visa choice based on your needs, interests, and financial situation.

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa

The job seeker visa is a type of visa which entitles you to stay in Germany for up to six months and search for a job. This visa will be changed to a residence permit for employment once you have found a job during the stay in Germany. SITER has a vital role to prepare you for the employment during your stay in Germany. The Job Seeker Visa needs a reference while application. You can provide SITER’s reference during application. We can also assist you with the accommodation proof that is required when applying for a visa.

Visa for IT Professionals

As a skilled worker in IT, your skills are highly demanded in Germany. There are specially designed visa programs to bring IT experts from outside the European Union/EFTA States (so-called “third countries”) to obtain a work visa in Germany. Even if you have neither any formal qualifications nor a university degree, you can still obtain a visa and work as an IT specialist in Germany. This is why SITER's specifically created certification curriculum is so important in developing Full Stack Software Developers and Cloud Engineers for securing a job in Germany

Portugal Business Visa

This section is exclusively for those who want to start their own business. Only IT Startups are supported by e-Map; it does not assist other business kinds.

portugal D2 visa D7 visa business visa

Should you possess a strong desire and enthusiasm to launch a startup in Europe at a relatively low cost? Then Portugal is the ideal location due to many reasons.

Why Portugal?

  • Business Friendly

  • Easy Process

  • Family Immigration

  • PR & Citizenship

  • Low Cost of Living

  • Startup

Portgual D2 Visa

The Portugal D2 Visa is a viable means of becoming a permanent resident and citizen in Portugal. This visa is for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent service providers who plan to move to Portugal. For more details, contact us.

Some of our guidance for the Portugal D2 Visa includes:
(1) Technical Business Plan for IT Start-up.
(2) Visa Application
(3) Company Registration
(4) Bank Account Creation
(5) Contract for the Lease of Apartment in Portugal
(6) Health Insurance

Estonia e-Residency

Estonia e-Residency is a program designed by Estonian Government which is a digital platform to legally operate business. E-Residency is suitable for the freelancer and business owners who wish to operate their business from their home country. Ideal for the people located outside the European Union.

estonia e-residency

For Whom?

This is for digital nomads, freelance web developers, full stack developers and people who wish to start a startup digitally and operate fully online. Estonia e-Residency is a great choice for location independent businesses.

  • Digital Nomad

  • Freelancer

  • Business Owner

  • Risk Free

  • Location Independent

  • Access to European Market

How to Operate?

There are several methods you might use to manage the company and business. Some examples are given below.

(1) Work-From-Home Model: Operate from your home office.
(2) Digital-Nomad: Live and run your business virtually while visiting affordable and tourist-friendly destinations such as Thailand, Portugal, Georgia, Bali, and Malaysia. This gives you access to wonderful weather, delicious food, a tech-friendly atmosphere, and many other benefits.

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