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SITER's Career Guidance Program

All certification program candidates are eligible for free career guidance and counseling. eMap and SITER Talent Pool are deeply related to the career guidance activities. There are six phases in the career mentoring process that candidates have to go through.

Career Timeline
Microsoft Career Pathway

Microsoft Azure Career Pathway

With this program, we aim to provide insight into a range of job roles, the skill sets needed for each and the path to certification and job. The main objective is to provide the knowledge and abilities required to perform specific tasks in the workplace.

Microsoft Certification Roadmap

  • Fundamental Certification

  • Role Based Certification

Career Path for Various Job Roles

  • Developer

  • Administrator

  • AI Engineer

  • Data Engineer

  • Security Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer

Visit this Link for more details about the Career Opportunities.

Career Consultation

Career Meeting

Have a one-on-one discussion with the candidate to choose the best career path which will enable to guide them effectively in the remaining phases to reach the goal. We assess the candidate's passion, interests, and ability at this point and provide appropriate guidance.

Hands-on Activities Involved

  • Job Mapping

  • Job Hunting

  • Job Role Selection

  • Feasibility Check

  • Eligibility Check

  • To Do Checklist

Tech Job interview preparation

Tech Job Preparation

This stage involves a lot of employment preparation tasks, which are required prior to the job application process. The aim of this section is to ensure the shortlisting of the job application from outside the European Union sector and that should be benefited to the candidates from the developing nations like India and Philippines.

  • CV Template

  • Cover Letter

  • Optimize LinkedIn

  • Git Portfolio

  • Self Branding

  • Projects

In our experience, shortlisting of the application and 'Call for Interview' is a more crucial process than facing a job interview. We will get ready for our candidates to be called in for a job interview via Zoom online meeting, for the various tech positions in Europe.

Interview tips and tricks

Interview Preparation

Candidates should be both technically and mentally prepared before the job interview. The complete breakdown of European Job Interview process will be discussed and demonstrated in this stage.

Some of the activities include:
(1) Pre-recorded webinar on general interview preparation.
(2) One-on-one live Mock Interview as per the specific Job & Job Description. We will do this once the candidate is called for interview
(3) Provide common interview questions and specific interview questions.

  • Mock Interview

  • Technical Interview

  • HR Interview

  • Coding Challenges

  • Presentations

  • QA Bundle

The interview procedure in Europe is a little different from the candidate's own country for a number of reasons, including cultural differences. Based on our interactions with European businesses and our experience in Europe, we will provide the appropriate tips, advice and hints.

Job and Visa Application Reference


Based on various circumstances, country or organization norms, references may be required in various stages of the recruitment process. One of the SITER’s managers will be the reference and the candidates can use it for the jobs they apply through eMap program. The visa application also has a ‘reference’ section for most cases. Before issuing a visa or job offer letter, prospective employers or the visa authority may verify the candidate's details by contacting SITER's reference.

  • CV Reference

  • Visa Reference

  • Job Offer Reference

Student Centered Learning Guidance

Continuous Learning

Our certification programs prepare our students for lifelong learning, and in as little as one to three months, they become lifelong learners. In the tech industry, learning is a never-ending process. Our curriculum is aligned with the student-centered learning and the instructors are mentors and supervisors to guide them technically. Our students and alumni will continue to learn and get hired in their ideal positions during this phase.

Activities Involved in this Stage

  • Project Saleup

  • Optimization

  • Project based learning

  • Job Placement

  • Host Webinars

  • Self Branding

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