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We obliged to deliver you a skilled workforce

Is there a rising skills gap in your company? We offer specialized training programs that enable you to upskill your employees. You can strengthen your company's level of expertise by collaborating with SITER. Besides that, businesses can effectively hire from our talent pool to fill their skilled job positions and build a strong talent pipeline for the future.

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Employee Training

Many of the occupations that are in place today will become outdated over the next few years due to advancements in technology. With skilled workers who suddenly lack the necessary skills, what do businesses do?

Employee skill development, or what's known as continuous learning, is very important in this digital world where technology is evolving. It's an obligation that businesses need to accept.

The purpose of SITER is to ensure that employees are trained in specialist areas such as Full Stack Software Development and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

training for corporate business employees

Are you looking to upskill your workforce to meet the demands of the digital age?

Training can be delivered to your employees on-site, online, bootcamp, hybrid or self-paced format. The trainers are MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) with more than 15 years of experience in university and industry.

Companies need to retrain their employees on a regular basis to keep up with the latest technologies.

Two Major Training Areas

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Full Stack S/w Dev

There are many benefits to investing in corporate training for full stack software development and Microsoft Azure.

Some of the key benefits include:

(1) Improved productivity and efficiency: Full stack developers can build and deploy web applications more quickly and efficiently than developers who specialize in only front-end or back-end development.

(2) Reduced development costs: By having full stack developers in-house, companies can avoid the cost of hiring outside contractors or agencies. Latest development approaches and design principles will help employees to build applications rapidly and thereby save time, effort and cost.

(3) Greater flexibility and adaptability: Full stack developers can adapt to new technologies and trends more easily than developers who specialize in only one area.

(4) Cloud based development: Microsoft Azure training is essential for organizations that want to leverage the power of cloud computing to innovate, optimize business processes, and enhance customer experiences. With a vast array of cloud services, Azure offers IT companies the flexibility and scalability they need to meet the demands of today's dynamic business environment.

(5) Increased employee satisfaction: Employees who receive training in full stack development are more likely to be engaged and satisfied with their jobs.

Employee Hiring

Due to the collaboration with SITER, companies will have access to the Talent Pool for the purpose of hiring new employees. Hiring from the SITER Talent Pool is a completely free service, thereby companies can save the recruitment cost, advertisement cost, time and effort.

Hiring from our talent pool involves sourcing, assessing, and selecting candidates from a pool of pre-qualified individuals. Talent Pool helps to hire more efficiently to fill open positions, as it eliminates the need to start from scratch with each new hiring need.

Business to business partnership

More details about the Talent Pool can find in the Talent Pool web page.

SITER Talent Pool

Do you employ IT Specialists from abroad?

We have a specially designed program called e-Map to bring the talented IT skilled workers from developing nations such as India. Through this program, you can recruit skilled and experienced Full Stack Software Developers and Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineers. Through this program, European companies can recruit from outside European Union without depending a re-location agent. e-Map is an absolute free service.


Skill Set Match !!

Due to the collaboration with SITER, companies will have access to the Talent Pool for the purpose of hiring new employees. Hiring from the SITER Talent Pool is a completely free service, thereby companies can save the recruitment cost, advertisement cost, time and effort.

Employee sill sets

Benefits of Hiring from Pool

Here are some of the benefits of hiring from our talent pool:

Reduced time to hire: Talent pools can provide businesses with a ready-made pool of qualified candidates, which can help to shorten the time it takes to fill open positions.

Improved cost-effectiveness: Hiring from our talent pool will be more cost-effective than traditional hiring methods, as it eliminates the need to repeatedly post job openings and screen resumes.

Better candidate matching: Talent pools can help businesses to better match candidates with open positions, as they can track candidates' skills and experience over time.

Are you looking over these skill sets for possible hires?

If so, get in touch with us to select the best candidates from our Talent Pool for your business.

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Skill Sets Exisit in the Talent Pool

  • Asp.Net Core with C# (Visual Studio)

  • Restful Web API, Dot Net 6 & 7

  • SQL Server, SSMS

  • Postman, Swagger

  • Docker Container

  • Keycloak, OpenID

  • React, Redux Toolkit (VS Code)

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • SPA, Node.js

  • Bootstrap, Figma

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Entra ID

  • Cosmos DB, Storage

  • Azure Functions

  • Azure Containers

  • Azure Key Vault

  • Microsoft Fabric

  • Power BI

  • Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Networking

  • Azure CLI, PowerShell

  • Event Grid, Event Hub, Queue Storage

  • Azure Monitor, Application Insights

  • Azure Cache for Redis, CDN

  • App Service Plan, Web App

  • Azure SQL Database

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