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AZ900 & AZ204 Training - cloud developer

Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer Dual Certification Training

In-Person & Online Instructor-led, Project Inclusive, hybrid blended learning, Industry curriculum, Job oriented

How Long?

5 Days Hands-on Workshop with Access to Self-Paced e-Learning

Participation Mode?

-- Fully Online (Zoom)
-- In Person (Arab Open University, Muscat Oman for Day 1 Workshop) + Zoom Online

For Whom?

Tailored for beginner and experienced people who wish to build their careers in IT and cloud computing. Useful for Students, University Professors, Business Managers, Developers and Software Engineers.

2-in-1 Microsoft Certification

This bootcamp will enable you to earn two Microsoft Certifications and increase the chance of having your CV shortlisted.

AZ900 Azure Fundamentals
Az-204 Azure Developer
Just why are you attending this program?
#1 - Reskilling
Instead of building on traditional platforms, learn how to build IT products in the cloud. Since businesses are moving to the cloud, traditional developers must convert to cloud-based development.
#2 - High Demand
One of the top ten most in-demand skills for tech jobs is Microsoft Azure. Fantastic opportunity to learn and develop projects in Microsoft Azure and work as an Azure Developer or Security Engineer.
#3 - Great Salary
You have a fantastic opportunity to move to a high-paying position. In Norway, the average yearly salary for a cloud engineer or developer is $85,000 USD.
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AZ900-Certification Exam

AZ900-Certification Exam

Click Here

AZ204-Certification Exam

AZ204-Certification Exam

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Who Train You?

Who Train You?

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Program Start Date 01 July 2024

Days Left


Microsoft Cloud Engineer Dual Certification Bootcamp
$ 50
  • Access to 5 Days Workshop (Fully Practical)
  • Access to Online Course
  • Access to Microsoft Lab
  • Eligible for Internship with SITER Academy, Norway
  • Certificate of Participation & Course Completion Certificate
SITER academy for training and certification

Industry Standard program

Our Program Speciality

In our program, we adhere to Microsoft's official curriculum. The enrolled candidates will receive training from the Microsoft Certified Trainer.

  • Blended Learning

    Online & In Person Live Instructor Training, Pre-Recorded Lecture Videos, Demos, Labs & Project.



  • 5-Days Hands-on Workshop (2 hours practical per day)

  • Access to Online Course for Self-Paced Learning

  • Certificate of Participation (Workshop) + Certificate of Course Completion

  • Write Microsoft Exam and become Microsoft Certified Professional

Transfer your competencies to cloud

Download Program Schedule

Watch Videos

1 Videos

Bootcamp Venue

Fully Online Zoom or Hybrid (In Person Muscat, Oman + Zoom)

Arab Open University, Al Maabilah, Seeb, Muscat

Oman Bootcamp
zoom meeting
The Technologies Covered

With these technologies, you’ll be able to create your applications with ease. To get to the top of the IT job market, list these software technologies on your resume as part of your skill set. Our lectures, course materials, activities, assignments and projects will help you become proficient in using these technologies. When combine all these SkillSets, you become a ‘Cloud Engineer’ specialized in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Skill Sets 

#1 - Microsoft Azure
Cloud Development
#2 - Microsoft Entra
To Implement Security
#3 - Web Server
Azure App Service Plan
#4 - Database Server
Azure SQL Database
#5 - Cosmos DB
No-Sql Database
#6 - Virtual Machines
Digital Version of your Dev
#7 - Cloud Shell
Automate Everything
#8 - Virtual Networking
Enables Communication
#9 - CDN
Optimize Performance
#9 - Azure Monitor
Monitor Performance
#10 - Azure Storage
Non-Relational Storage
#11 - Azure Functions
Write less code
#12 - Azure Containers
Scale & Deploy Rapidly
#13 - Azure Key Vault
Enhance Data Protection
#14 - Azure Event Grid
Build event-driven apps
#15 - Azure Event Hub
Stream events efficiently
#16 - Queue Storage
Offers Scalable Storage
#17 - Microsoft Fabric
A data analytics platform
#18 - Power BI
Data Visualization Tool
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Industry Standard Project Skill Sets

#1 - Git
Version Control System
#2 - Git Lab
DevOps Platform
#3 - CI/CD
Our Dev Strategy
#4 - Agile
Our Dev Approach
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Microsoft Azure Career

Great career opportunities if you are skilled in Microsoft Technologies


What Our Alumni Speak

See what our previous learners had to say - experience sharing


Talent Pool

You will be in the talent pool after successful course completion

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What you learn?

Industry Standard Development

What is Included?

Support & Delivery

Course Coverage?

Microsoft's Official Curriculum

Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer Program


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer Dual Certification Program?

This program is exclusively designed for beginners, experienced software engineers and IT professionals who immediately need a career change and salary growth in cloud-based developments. Traditional software developers and recent IT graduates are compelled to acquire cloud technologies and shift their workloads and projects to the cloud since the business is shifting to the cloud. This is a great opportunity to learn and work with Microsoft technologies.

What makes this bootcamp program unique?

To train our candidates for a variety of roles like cloud developer or cloud security specialist, depending on their preference and interest, we offer a combined and tailored Microsoft curriculum. This training program will serve as a fantastic starting point for a career in Microsoft technology.

Who can attend this bootcamp program?

Everyone who is interested in switching a career with Microsoft technologies and cloud computing is welcome to enroll in this program. This program will be useful for beginners, experienced software engineers and IT professionals/ students/ job seekers.

Is the program self-paced, or does it follow a fixed schedule?

This bootcamp program will operate in a hybrid format, allowing candidates to study on their own schedule with self-paced learning materials, video demos, and labs in addition to a live online instructor during the workshop session. Download our program schedule (PDF version) for more details of the Schedule.

And how long does the program will take to finish?

5 days workshop with 15 days additional access to e-learning portal and online course. In addition, candidates can finish a project on their own.

Is there any other way to recognize the candidates by the employer and professional organizations?

Yes, our candidates can sit for well-known Microsoft Certification examinations worldwide. With the aid of our training, they will be able to pass the Microsoft exams for both role-based (AZ-204) and fundamental (AZ-900) certifications.

Which Microsoft Exam is right for me?

That depends on your career goals and areas of interest. We can offer you some guidance.

(1) AZ-204 is ideal for the Developer to create, manage, run, monitor, and optimize Web applications in the cloud.

(2) The AZ-900 test is intended for anyone who wants to show that they understand cloud computing and how to create and manage Azure resources and services.

After completing this program, our learners will be qualified to take one or more exams mentioned above.

Where should I go to write the Microsoft Exam?

You can do Microsoft certification exam online or at a Pearson VUE test center. You will be able to take an exam from home if that is more convenient for you. We will assist you after you enroll with us.

Who will be in the position to deliver the training sessions?

Training will be provided by the Microsoft Certified Trainer with PhD and many years of experience in the university/ industry.

When are the live lectures offered?

Please refer ‘What is Included?’ section of this certification page.

What is the medium of communication in the bootcamp?

The Zoom app is used for our course lectures. We have a dedicated e-learning portal where the course materials, projects and pre-recorded videos and demos are available.

What type of e-learning materials are provided in this Certification program?

Immediately after the successful completion of the workshop sessions, you will be added to our dedicated e-Learning platform. The e-Learning material contains:

1. Course LMS (Lessons, Instructions, How-To Guides and Notes).
2. Power Point Presentations (PPT, PDF Downloadable)
3. Zoom Live Lecture Video Records
4. Lecture Demo Videos (Pre-recorded)
5. Guest Lecturer Webinars & Workshop Records
6. Links to Microsoft Learn (Guided)
7. Links to Practical Labs (Hands-on Guided)
8. Links to Browser-based Development Tools
9. Feedback, FAQs and Projects.
10. Diagrams, Deliverables, and Checklist.

Tell me more about the capstone project. What does it involve?

The self-paced capstone project will be the end result of your bootcamp program and that will be the critical turning point in your career. You'll learn how to work with CICD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery), solve problems, and use different skills effectively.

You will have the chance to create cloud apps during the capstone project. You will learn how to develop and deploy scalable and secure cloud applications.

Sample projects for the consideration:
• Deploy and manage an e-Commerce Shopping Application like Amazon.
• Deploy and manage Chat Application like WhatsApp.
• Deploy and manage Web API Applications like Booking.Com, Facebook and Weather-Forecast-App.

Remember, there is no single technology involved in developing a large complex application. It’s a mix of tools and cloud technologies involved.

Some of the features of cloud-based Capstone project are:
• Deploy a scalable web application to handle high level of web traffic and to optimize the app during peak hours.
• A backend database (Azure SQL Database) to store structured data (like Customer data, Product data)
• A backend database (Azure Storage, Cosmos DB) to store unstructured data (like Videos, Image, Live Chat, Streaming data etc.)
• RESTful API to bring data from external sources to your application.
• Run the application in the isolation (Azure Container Apps)
• Build the application in the cloud (Microsoft Azure)
• Secure the application (example: Microsoft Entra ID, Multi-factor Authentication)
• Make the things faster and easier (password-less login, social login)
• Optimize the Application - Make sure that the application is available close to the end user (Cache for Redis, CDN)
• Application monitoring and troubleshooting (Application Insights).
• Implement Event based solutions (Idea for IoT, Marketing Apps, Library System, Payment Processing)
• Implement Message based solutions (Ideal for e-Commerce and Logistic applications)
• Implement CICD Pipeline for collaborative development, continuous delivery and better customer experience.

How to enroll in this Bootcamp Program?

It is a very simple process. Once you are familiar with our program through this web page, you can go to ‘Registration’ section in this web page and use 'REGISTER & PAY' button to register the program. For more details, visit the ‘Registration’ section of this web page.

Make an appointment to speak with our program advisor if you still have questions or concerns.

Click Here to make an appointment with the Program Advisor.

Our Program Advisor will answer your questions in a scheduled meeting and demonstrate the program for your better understanding.

Is the program fee refundable?

It is not refundable, sorry. Your admission and seat are guaranteed as soon as payment is received. You can effectively finish the program by following our lectures, project, and resources.

Microsoft Certification Exam Fee Is Included or Not?

Microsoft Exam Fee is not included in our bootcamp price.

Are lecture recordings available for those who cannot attend live workshop sessions?

Yes, the meeting records will be available on the e-Learning page immediately after the live session.

What awaits me after I finish this program?

It depends on your current background, vision, and outlook.

Some examples are here:

For Experienced:
You can advance your career as a Cloud Developer or Cloud Engineer to manage your workloads on the cloud if you are an experienced software/ web developer already employed in the field. You may also limit yourself to roles such as Security Specialist, Cloud Database Administrator or Cloud Administrator. In the current scenario, cloud specialists are in high demand and earn higher salaries than those in any other position.

For Fresher:
You can add a ton of industry-standard assignments and projects to your portfolio as a student or job seeker, all of which have previously been approved by SITER based on our evaluations. By doing this, you'll be able to shed the "fresher" status and demonstrate some ‘experience’ to the potential employer. Our program will help you to validate your skills, that will please the employer and accelerate the shortlisting of your CV. We will do all the needful during the training program.

What kinds of jobs will I be able to get after this course?

Please visit our opportunity page for more information.

Regarding this program, I still have some questions. Who should I get in touch with?

You can contact the Program Advisor. Take appointment for the zoom meeting and free consultation using this Appointment Link