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Traditional by Nature ~ globally recognized 2 course bundles - High demand skillsets

Full Stack
Software Developer

Online Instructor-led, project-oriented, supervised, hybrid blended learning, Industry curriculum, Job oriented

How Long?

2 Months Training + Another 1 Month Career Support

For Whom?

Any IT fellow who looks for a career change with a high salary or a fresher to start a career in fullstack web development.

Just why are you taking this course?
#1 - Most Valuable
Earning a European Course Completion Certification can significantly enhance your resume and increase your chances of getting shortlisted for a job interview.
#2 - Fantastic Chance
This is a great chance to learn the modern web application development and get placed in a tech company.
#3 - UpSkill & ReSkill
Learn how to create e-Commerce shopping applications like Amazon and Chat applications like WhatsApp. Be skilled in the frontend and backend web development and let employers identify you.
#4 - High Demand
There is a high demand for the skilled .NET Backend Developers, React Developers, Frontend Developers and Full Stack Web Developers. Take the appropriate role !!
#5 - Developers Earn More
You have a great chance due to the high demand of "Skilled" Developers. In Norway, the average yearly salary for a web developer is $65,000 USD.
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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

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Who Train You?

Who Train You?

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SITER academy for training and certification

Industry Standard course delivery

Our Program Speciality

Our full stack curriculum is designed in collaboration with tech companies in Norway and Germany. We also embedded Microsoft's official curriculum in our program. Our course Professors are MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer.

  • Blended Learning

    Online Live Instructor, Pre-Recorded Lecture Videos, Demos, Workshops, Labs, Webinars, Supervised Projects, Continuous Assessment & Feedback



  • 1-to-1 Technical Support & Career Assistance

  • Europe's Tech Interview Tips, CV Standards, Mock Interview Inclusive.

  • Great opportunity to visit Europe and attend one of our AZ-900 bootcamps (Reg. fee waived).

  • e-Map is NOT Included. If you want to become part of e-Map, you should join 'Fullstack Cloud Engineer Certification' program.

Together let's set a goal for your success

Download Course Syllabus & Delivery Plan

Watch Videos

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towards the goal

Go through 5 stages of our program to reach your goal

SITER Microsoft Training
Course Admission

Enroll our certification program. Career assistance and post-program support inclusive.

SITER Microsoft Training
Backend Course

Duration: 1 Month
C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, SQL Server, Postman, Docker
Backend Assignments/ Projects

Frontend Course

Duration: 1 Month
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, Node.js
Frontend Assignments/ Projects

SITER Microsoft Training
Capstone Project

Fullstack Project Development - Fully Supervised - Evaluated - Git - Agile Software Development Approach

Course Completion

Course Completion Certificate
Git Portfolio
Get placed with a Great Salary


full stack software developer certification

Certification Facts

Two course bundles are included in this certification program to help you become a proficient full stack software engineer with the ability to create and manage web application. Here are some specifics about the course:


Admission Time

Winter Intake (January)
Spring Intake (April)
Summer Intake (July)
Fall Intake (October)


Total Duration

2 Months Training
Plus opportunity to extend another 1 Month - just land safely
(Post-Study Program)


Program Benefits

Certificate of Completion
Career Assistance



The course is led by instructors online. You can study from anywhere in the world. Program is conducted in hybrid blended mode.

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The Technologies Covered

With these technologies, you’ll be able to create your applications with ease. To get to the top of the IT job market, list these software technologies on your resume as part of your skill set. Our lectures, course materials, activities, assignments and projects will help you become proficient in using these technologies. When combine all these SkillSets, you become a ‘Full Stack Software Engineer’.

Backend Skill Sets

#1 - Asp.Net Core
Backend App Dev Framework
#2 - C# Programming
Build backend logic
#3 - SQL Server
Database Management
#4 - Postman
Web API Testing
#5 - Swagger
Web API Design
#6 - Docker
Deploy App in Isolation
#7 - Keycloack
Secure the App
#8 - Visual Studio IDE
For backend development
#9 - Rest API
Deliver Json Data
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Frontend Skill Sets

#1 - React
App Development
#2 - Redux
Simplify React Dev
#3 - JavaScript
Implement complex features
#4 - HTML
For website creation
#5 - CSS
For website styling
#6 - Bootstrap
For web responsiveness
#7 - Node.js
For Server Side Dev
#8 - Figma
For Collaborative Design
#9 - VS Code
Code Editor
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Industry Standard Project Skill Sets

#1 - Git
Version Control System
#2 - Git Lab
DevOps Platform
#3 - CI/CD
Our Dev Strategy
#4 - Agile
Our Dev Approach
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Microsoft Azure Cloud

A platform to exhibit your course work and build connections


What Our Alumni Speak

See what our previous learners had to say - experience sharing


Talent Pool

You will be in the talent pool after successful course completion

Download Course Syllabus & Delivery Plan

What you learn?

Industry Standard Coding Approaches & Practices

What is Included?

Support & Delivery

Course Coverage?

2 Course Bundles


Price of Certification Program

The course price is non refundable

One-time Pay

Get 6% off when you pay all at once.


Monthly Installment

3 Equal Installments


Here's the Admission Steps

Enroll Now and Confirm Your Seat - No Payment Involved

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Full Stack Software Developer Certification


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Full Stack Software Developer Certification Program offered by SITER Norway?

Unlike Full Stack Cloud Engineer Certification program, this program is designed in a traditional way to produce Full Stack Software Developers. Two courses covering front-end and back-end technologies are combined into this curriculum (without Cloud).

Who oversees the certification course?

SITER administers the certification program and is responsible for awarding the Certificate of Completion. The Society of IT Engineers & Researchers is known as SITER. It is a Norwegian organization dedicated to provide accelerated training for working professionals, industry experts, students and job seekers.

Why is the given title of the course entitled "Certification"?

Before awarding the Certification, we verify that the enrolled candidates are competent and have acquired new information and abilities. We usually have formal assessment and activities in the form of assignments and projects. Candidate’s knowledge will be validated during the project demonstration and presentation. The successful candidates will get the tag ‘SITER Certified Professional’ to recognize them in the job market.

Who can attend this certification program?

Everyone who is interested in a career in information technology is welcome to enroll in our certification program and training sessions. This includes experienced software engineers and web developers, working professionals (people with IT and non-IT backgrounds looking to switch careers), students, and job seekers.

Do you offer a full-time or part-time certification program?

Since the certification program is designed to satisfy everyone’s need, you can manage in your own schedule. We have a sample timetable plan that you can find in this link. You can adapt or modify the given sample timetable plan as per your convenience.

If you are a job seeker and free from other assignments, stick to our full-time timetable plan as you can learn during the day.

If you are a working professional or university student and can only find time on the weekends and in the evenings, then please adhere to our part-time timetable schedule.

Visit our Time Table Plan web page for more details.

Is the program self-paced, or does it follow a fixed schedule?

This certification program will operate in a hybrid format, allowing candidates to study on their own schedule with self-paced learning materials, video demos, and labs in addition to a live online instructor (qualified Microsoft Certified Trainer with PhD Degree) and live project supervisor for all technical supervision.

And how long does the program will take to finish?

The certification program should be completed on time. In our case, you must complete it in 2 months with a Certificate of Completion. You will receive one further month of access to the career support and e-learning portal. During this time, you can prepare for your job or career advancement. We will provide 1-to-1 support up to 3 months. After 3 months, you cannot access the e-learning portal and materials.

Who will be in the position to deliver the training sessions?

Training will be provided by the Microsoft Certified Trainer. University professors and IT experts will be part of the program to supervise the student projects and to volunteer the professional activities.

When are the live lectures offered?

Please refer ‘What is Included?’ section of this certification page.

What is the medium of communication with lecturers, course advisors, supervisors, and other stakeholders?

The Zoom app is used for our course lectures. The Teams app for collaboration, file management, office, and chat assistance. We have a dedicated e-learning portal where the course materials, assignments, projects and pre-recorded videos and demos are available.

What type of e-learning materials are provided in this Certification program?

At the beginning of the program, you will be added to our dedicated e-Learning platform. The e-Learning material contains:

1. Course LMS (Lessons, Instructions, How-To Guides and Notes).
2. Power Point Presentations (PPT, PDF Downloadable)
3. Zoom Live Lecture Video Records
4. Lecture Demo Videos (Pre-recorded)
5. Guest Lecturer Webinars & Workshop Records
6. Links to Practical Labs (Hands-on Guided)
7. Links to Browser-based Development Tools
8. Assignments, Feedback, FAQs and Projects.
9. Sample Templates for Assessment Rubric.
10. Diagrams, Deliverables, and Checklist.

Make an appointment with our Course Advisor if you would like to view our course learning platform.

How does one-to-one technical support work?

These are made possible by the following modes, depending on the specific situation at hand.

1. Direct Meeting with Lecturer by appointment during the office hours. Meeting will be held via Zoom video conferencing.
2. Chat Support through Teams App – expect response within 24 hours’ time.
3. How-To Guides, Reference Links, Demo Videos for all Common Queries and Self-Learning Materials available in e-Learning platform.

The lectures take a student-centric approach to learning; they act as facilitators and get students ready for self-learning.

How are the assignments and projects structured, and how are they evaluated?

There are activities (assignments) related to each lesson and the projects (as modules) linked to each course bundles. The front-end and back-end project modules come together to form the capstone project.

The assignments are designed for self-practice without any direct supervision and assessment involved. However, the instructor will be available for any technical assistance for the assignment completion.

On the other hand, the capstone project will be fully supervised, evaluated by the instructor/ external panel, presented by the students and feedback will be given for the improvement.

The students can publish the assignments and projects in the Git (as the Portfolio). We will be evaluating the project using a rubric and grading criteria set by the SITER academic team.

Tell me more about the capstone project. What does it involve?

The capstone project will be the end result of your certification program and that will be the critical turning point in your career. You'll learn how to work together (remember CICD – Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery), solve problems, and use different skills effectively.

You will have the chance to create apps during the capstone project. You will learn how to do industry standard coding for collaborative development, the best naming conventions, and the best design principles for the development of scalable applications.

Sample projects for the consideration:
• Create an e-Commerce Shopping Application like Amazon.
• Create Chat Application like WhatsApp. [Remember WhatsApp is built with React]
• Create Web API Applications like Booking.Com, Facebook and Weather-Forecast-App.

Remember, there is no single technology involved in developing a large complex application. It’s a mix of tools and web technologies involved.

Some of the features of the Capstone project are:
• Deploy the Web Application.
• A backend database (Azure SQL Database) to store structured data (like Customer data, Product data)
• RESTful API to bring data from external sources to your application.
• Run the application in the isolation (Docker)
• Give better user experience (Prioritize Bootstrap, CSS and responsive design)
• Secure the application (example: Microsoft Entra ID, Multi-factor Authentication)
• Make the things faster and easier (password-less login, social login)
• Build interactive faster apps (React like framework)
• Standardized coding for better maintainability, scalability, and reusability.
• Implement CICD Pipeline for collaborative development, continuous delivery and better customer experience.

Concerning certification program assessment?

All candidates must complete the assignments and capstone project in order to pass; an expert panel will assess these tasks. To pass, candidates must receive at least 50 out of 100 points for each task. Successfully completed candidates will move to the talent pool. Prospective employers will have access to the talent pool.

Can I enroll in individual courses, or is it a comprehensive program only?

You can receive the 2-in-1 benefit by enrolling simply once. Your skill sets will be much satisfied in the job market after finishing this comprehensive program. For enrollment, visit the ‘Admission’ section on this web page.

How to enroll in this Certification Program?

It is a very simple process. Once you are familiar with our program through this course web page, you can go to ‘Admission’ section in this web page and use ‘Enroll Now’ button for the enrollment. For more details, visit the ‘Admission’ section of this web page.

Make an appointment to speak with our course advisor if you still have questions or concerns.

Click Here to make an appointment with the Course Advisor.

Our Course Advisor will answer your questions in a scheduled meeting and demonstrate the program for your better understanding.

Is the course fee refundable?

It is not refundable, sorry. Your admission and seat are guaranteed as soon as payment is received. You can effectively finish the program by following our lectures, assignments, and resources.

Is post-program support available, and what does it entail?

Post-program support is offered for a period of one month following the intensive first two-month training. The program will run for three months in total. The purpose of post-program support is to provide career guidance.

How can I access the free services included with the Full Stack Cloud Certification?

See our website's "Services" menu for all the information about free services. The free services are limited to the ‘Certification’ programs, and it is not applicable for self-paced courses and for all other Microsoft training programs. e-Map is a free service which is offered exclusively for the Full Stack Cloud Engineer Certification.

What kind of career guidance is provided to help participants land their dream job?

The aim is to be Shortlisted!! Some of our career guidance activities include CV Template, CV Reference, European Job Cover Letter Tips, Interview Tips, Mock Interview, Git Portfolio, LinkedIn Profile, SITER Talent Pool, Consultation for Microsoft Career Path, Improve Confidence through Technical Presentations, 1-to-1 Career Guidance for Self-Branding and Online Presence.

How often are webinars and workshops conducted, and are they mandatory?

Webinars and workshops are additional learning opportunities. Even though it is not mandatory for the course completion, we advise you to attend these events to learn something new. For instance, before learning SQL and putting it into practice, taking a webinar on "Relational Data Modeling" will provide a thorough understanding of core data concepts, data structures, normalization and entity relationships. And for those who already know SQL, a webinar on "Advanced SQL" will help them learn more.

What topics are covered in the webinars, and how can I access them?

Please refer to “What is Included?” section on this web page to see the available webinars. Stay tuned for more details.

Are webinar recordings available for those who cannot attend live sessions?

Yes, the meeting records will be available on the e-Learning page immediately after the live session.

What awaits me after I finish this program?

It depends on your current background, vision, and outlook.

Some examples are here:

For Experienced:
You can advance your career as a Software Developer to manage your workloads and needs if you are an experienced software/ web developer already employed in the field. You may also limit yourself to roles such as Backend developer, Frontend developer and Database Administrator.

For Fresher:
You can add a ton of industry-standard assignments and projects to your portfolio as a student or job seeker, all of which have previously been approved by SITER based on our evaluations. By doing this, you'll be able to shed the "fresher" status and demonstrate some ‘experience’ to the potential employer. Our program will help you to validate your skills, that will please the employer and accelerate the shortlisting of your CV. We will do all the needful during the training program.

Can I apply from outside the European Union for IT jobs in Norway?

Yes, you can apply for skilled jobs from anywhere in the world. A skilled worker visa is required to accept employment in Germany and Norway. Since e-Map service is not available in this program, we cannot provide you any direct support for European Migration. For the migration assistance, you need to take our 3 months' Full Stack Cloud Engineer Certification program.

Does SITER guarantee the job?

No. SITER is a provider of accelerated training. As a result, SITER is unable to guarantee any employment. But if you use the training programs well, SITER can ensure that your CV is shortlisted for jobs in Europe even if you apply from outside European Union. If you are skilled with projects in your portfolio (Example: Git Repo), IT companies may give you offer letter.

What kinds of jobs will I be able to get after this course?

Please visit our opportunity page for more information.

Can I move to Norway or Germany after completing this course?

Yes, you can work in Norway or Germany as a Skilled Worker. All you must do is, apply for jobs after the successful completion of our training program. We will provide necessary guidance time to time during the program.

For jobs in Norway, you can visit this website:

How successful are graduates in securing jobs after completing the program?

If the enrolled students are prepared to study methodically by adhering to our lectures, instructions, assignments, and project, we promise 100% success. Our outstanding graduates are working in top companies in Norway, Middle East and other European countries.

Regarding this course, I still have some questions. Who should I get in touch with?

You can contact the Course Advisor. Take appointment for the zoom meeting and free consultation using this Appointment Link